Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Finding the Content type that connects with your Audience on Instagram

What kind of Content drives your audience to react?

You can find out that from your post insight that's if your account is a business account.

There are 4 most important things to look out for on your page insight:

1. Number of Reach. If the post reached more number of people and yet had few likes and little or no comment, it shows that your audience are not interested in that kind of Content so you will need to change it.

But if the post reached only a few number yet have more likes and comments, it means your audience like such kind of content, start posting more of it because as likes and engagement level increases, your visibility also increases, chances are that you will rank first on a hashtag or get to the explore page.

2. Number of profile visit: Usually, if people see your post on their feeds, hashtag or explore, and they like it, they are most likely to click your handle which should take them to your page. They do these also because they want to know more about your page and see if you are worth following or not. That's when you see several likes from one handlle on your notification; they like what they see so they follow.

If you are a vendor, you need to make sure that your Bio, Highlight, page color and organisation is almost perfect else, you can loose potential customers as a result of being nonchalant.

If you have too many profile visit after your most recent post and you are not running an ad, it means your audience love that kind of post so you should begin to post more content like that.

3. Number of followers: This is the 2nd most important thing to check. If you have too many profile visit and your post reached so many people yet you had little or no follows, it means your audience doesn't like that kind of Content. But if the number of followers increased so much after your last post and you were not running any Ad at that time, it means your audience really love that kind of Content so you should begin to post more of it.

4. Timing: I think this is the most important factor to check. No matter how interesting, educating or entertaining a post is, if posted at the time most of your audience are off IG, that post will not do well; few likes, comment and perhaps few reach.

But when the timing is right, your audience can see your post  when the post is still fresh and would like and or comment if they enjoyed the content else they will just scroll and pass.

Note! Audience here means: your followers and people who see your post on a hashtag, explore, by tagging or any other means.

Did you learn anything? Then be kind enough to share.

Sunday, 14 April 2019

It's Hard Walking


I'm still gathering mind to share my life above Muscular Dystrophy. Honestly! The zeal to talk about it is not there yet, that's why I'm so reluctant sharing it.

People stare at me a lot when I walk but watching my gait on this video, is it so horrible? God has been so merciful on me, a lot of people with this health challenge are on a wheelchair but I thank God that I can still walk and I shall be able to walk with my 2 legs as long as I live in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

I remember vividly how I was nicknamed 'Hot Stepper' in my secondary school at FGGC Langtang, I didn't even know a thing was wrong with my walking step because I felt normal while walking not until now that I am fully aware that my gait is faulty.

Some persons have advised me to get a walking stick that it will improve my balance but I am so stubborn. I rather hold someone for support if the ground is rough.

You know, I have a secret that I believe has helped my condition not get worse; receiving the body of Christ. I said to myself and also told God that if I keep receiving his body, Rather than getting worse I will only get better because Muscular Dystrophy is a progressive loss of muscle mass in the voluntary muscles. So you see, with time, the condition is expected to get worse but I believe my case is different.

I declare it everyday that by my continuous receiving of the body of Jesus Christ, I am healed for he said in the Scripture, that by his stripes, we are healed. So I claim it everyday.

When I was much younger, I couldn't do without heels, I loved to catwalk, in fact! I could mimick everyone's walking step and parade myself in front of a few people just for fun and keep them entertained. If anyone had told me that one day, I would find it hard to walk not to talk of not being able to wear heels in my youthful age, I'd call the person a Liar!

Looking back now, I see this life is a mystery; very unpredictable! I used to be a very good dancer as a Child till adolescence, I was nicknamed Michael Jackson in my Junior Secondary School by my seniors who would corner me sometimes to teach them my dancing steps and now, it's like I never had a history like that.

The worst about this health condition is that I lack stamina, so I easily loose my balance and fall to the ground and when I do, I would need help to get up because I can't get up by myself. I have sustained a few ugly scars as a result one of which is on my forehead head (and I think it affected my beauty...winks).

When I am seated, I get a lot of admirers especially the male folks but once they see me walking, they loose interest like my gait is a plaque to my beauty

You can visit my YouTube channel to watch videos about how I live above Muscular Dystrophy here.

Monday, 8 April 2019

Business Proposal Idea

Are you that entrepreneur who has never written a proposal letter before?

Most small Business owners think proposal letters are meant for big multinational companies. Mbanu! It is not.

If you can be creative to come up with fantastic projects that will add value to your company and to another company and you do not have the capacity to execute the project successfully but with the involvement of the other Company, the project will be a success then the next thing to do is to write a business proposal letter for partnership. Yes! Write it.

Example; you sell make up products: you can come up with a project say; a nyte of smile. About getting different complexions try a lipstick color to know the best complexion that suits that lipstick color.

What is the aim of this project?
The aim of this project is to promote the sale of your lipstick while discovering the best complexion that suits a particular color of lipstick.

Who are your target audience? 
University students, models, and single ladies between the age of 18-30 years.

What kind of business can you partner with? 
Photo studio, and makeup artist.

How will they make gain?
Package the project in a way that your target audience will find it interesting. You can say the winner goes with a cash reward and grace the front page of a fashion news magazine, blog or even news paper and will go with an award.

If your target is 1000 customers. And the price of your lipstick is 1200.

Participants will buy the lipstick, get a professional makeup and photo shoot for 6k.

Usually, a make up artist might charge between 2k-5k to do a professional makeup for a customer.

Then a photo studio usually charge around 1-2k  to take a professional picture. So adding up these would have cost 1200 + 3k + 1k=5,200 but participant will get all these for 6k.

Run this project and target customers within the city of your location.

You can even use the social media to run this contest.

Wala! Your proposal is ready. Send it to those Businesses 2-3months ahead of time to get their feedback on time and plan properly.

 And in the end, you would have made plenty sales, likewise your other 2 partners. Apart from the sales, this will take your brand to another level as many more people will be aware that your business exist and will trustfully start buying from you.

In summary, no Business is too small or too big to write Business proposals. In fact, every small business should try at least one project like this annually for brand Growth.

Sunday, 10 March 2019

How to control what you see on your Instagram Feed


When you see a celebrities post
Don't like it. Why? Read caption.

Instagram algorithm is written to show you contents that match your interest. How do they know your interest?

The algorithm gathers infInformation about your activities. The people you follow, the post you like, where you comment, and so on. When you keep following almost all the celebs, liking and commenting, those are the kind of content you will see more on your feeds.

Do you doubt? Ok, I want you to experiment this; stop liking or commenting on the celebrities post that appear on your feed. After a few days, say 3-5days, you will start seeing less of their posts and subsequently, you will no longer be seeing their post. The same applies to any other handle you want to stop seeing.

Then any post that inspires you or add value of any sort to you, follow and engage such post, you will start seeing more of those type of contents. Follow top competitors in your niche, study the comments on their posts, find potential customers from there, follow them and engage with their posts.

Do these consistently and soon, you will carve out your niche.

Friday, 8 March 2019

Celebrating women impacting online

Have you ever cooked a meal without tasting until it was done and every ingredient was in the right proportion and the food didn't get burnt? Only a woman can do this. Women are wired with traits that cannot be formulated ideally by any man. Women are special homo sapiens with exhilarating energy, and penchant in nature.

Here are the most iconic women I have never seen anywhere except on Instagram but they have impacted my life somehow and I celebrate them today, mentioning their Instagram handles and the value they represent:

1. @officiallindaikeji: Blogging with a difference. Billionaire and selfmade woman.

2. @mizwanneka: Influencer and the number one hairboss on Instagram.

3. @africaninspiredfashion: Bringing together fashion trends all in one collection.

4. @queenideas: Despite being physically challenged with Muscular Dystrophy, she is strong and determined to succeed. Helping Entreperneurs grow through innovative strategies using the social media as a tool. She is the founder of @thevibrantsquad; a strong community of entrepreneurs determined to grow their businesses through the Social Media.

5. @obis.ore: Style Influencer who help women become as stylish as possible despite how busy they may be.

6. @diamondokoh: Helping startups start better while encouraging reading habits through her book club.

7. @hustlersquar: The Jagaban of Instagram who has helped many small business grow their followers on Instagram. She is a sales's boss.

8. @ujudawodu: Helping young people discover and monetize their talent.

9. @meghanmarkle_official: Philanthropist and a humanitarian. Humble despite being a Princess and Duchess.

10. @mama_jamoud: Strengthful despite a mum to a child with special needs.

11. @teeray_mobile_salon: A rising star and entrepreneur who makes the most beautiful hairstyles at your convenience. She's a stakeholder @thevibrantsquad.

12. @shop_zinas: A rising entrepreneur who sells one of the best affordable perfumes in Nigeria. She's a stakeholder @thevibrantsquad.

13. @lailewaj: A rising entrepreneur who despites being a mom and a civil servant, has demonstrated resilience in her business. She's a fashion drop shipper and a stakeholder @thevibrantsquad.

14. @shop_n_errands: A rising entrepreneur known as the best errand Boss in Lagos. She delivers like a Lamborghini despite being a mom. She's a stakeholder @thevibrantsquad.

15. @boodesigns07:  A rising entrepreneur into fashion designing. She sells one of the best fabrics and are creativity for designing is incredible. She is a Vibrant of @thevibrantsquad.

16. @thebaxters2018: A woman who has demonstrated strength 100%. Despite being a mom to a child with special needs, she has turned her pains into a million dollar gain and has served as an inspiration for many.

17. @triciabiz: A powerful business coach and marketing consultant, helping business to grow.

18. @veronicasdaughter: One of the best storytellers on Instagram. Her page is exhilarating.

19. @naijabrandchick: A leading Instagram Influencer and coach. She is a business tycoon with a difference
20. @gloryosei: Young and brilliant. Her experience in business and tourism is incredible! She is a business consultant and a picture enthusiast with an impeccable fashion sense.

List will be updated shortly...

Friday, 15 February 2019



I have always hammered on providing value in your content. If people derive any form of satisfaction from your content, they will naturally engage, save or repost your post.

So you should be more concerned with coming up with valuable content. Now let me dissect this topic furthermore by using WHATSAPP VS TELEGRAM as a case study.

If Whatsapp doesn't sit up, people will dump it for Telegram. See reasons:

1. Telegram accommodate over 100,000 members in a group but Whatspp can only take 256.

2. You can view files (pictures, videos or documents) without having to download them to your phone but on Whatsapp, you cannot, you have to first download on your phone.

3. Even if you change your phone, you can always view all your previous messages and files without previously backing up but on Whatsapp, if you have not been backing up your data, you will loose them once you change your phone.

4. It is great for online tutorial because you can save all messages in your channel and anyone who subscribes through your link can access all the messages you have posted so far but Whatsapp doesn't have any feature like that rather you have a to create a group and keep resending all previous messages you would like those joining later to see.

5. You can make your channel private that way you can monetize subscription as only you will have the power to give people access to your channel but Whatsapp has no feature like that.

6. You can broadcast video through your channel but Whatsapp has no feature like that.

7. The voice call on Telegram is very clear and efficient but it is not so on Whatsapp.

8. You can pin an important message in a group so that anyone joining later can see it but there's no o feature like that on Whatsapp.

9. You can delete unsolicited messages sent in a Telegram group and every member of the group will no longer see it but you cannot do that in a Whatsapp group.

10. You don't have to read all the messages you missed in a Telegram group at once, as you can continue where you stopped anytime you open the group again but on Whatsapp, once you close the group chat, you will miss all unread messages and will have to scroll up to where you stopped before if you must read all messages.

11. You can forward a message to over 100,000 people on Telegram but with the recent update on Whatsapp, you can forward messages to only 5 people at a time.

12. You can broadcast a message to thousands of people in your channel at once and see the number of people that have viewed your messages but on Whatsapp, if you send a broadcast, only people whom you have had a one-on-one chat before can receive your broadcast.

Right now, the only advantage Whatsapp has over Telegram is that more population of people still use WhatsApp but if it doesn't meet up with Telegram specs and surpass it a lot of people are going to dump Whatsapp for Telegram.

In conclusion, a business owner should strive to keep abreast with it's industry trend. Be the first to update your customers/audience  of the lastest happenings in your industry, that way, they will have no reason to try your competitor.

Friday, 18 January 2019

About Instagram Shadow Bann

Many users believe the shadowban to be a myth and Instagram also claims its a glitch in their system.


Some users believe the shadowban truly exists as their post reach and stats have been impacted.

Overall, whether or not it's a myth or fact, all users want to get the maximum exposure for their content. You decide - is it a myth or a fact?

What is an Instagram Shadowban?

The term shadowban is used to refer to instances where your posts are not appearing in the hashtag search results. This can directly impact the ability for non-followers to discover your profile and content resulting in lower engagement. In such cases, your posts may still be seen by existing followers, but not to anyone else.

What to do when Shadowbanned?

While there's no perfect answer, you can try to correct your mistakes and ensure compliance with Instagram's rules. Here are a few steps to take if your posts are shadowbanned:

Delete hashtags from the shadowbanned post(s). Avoid the use of too many hashtags, repetitive hashtag sets, or banned hashtags.

Disconnect third party apps that may have resulted in the shadowban, especially bots or automation software that violate Instagram's terms of service.

Correct any post images or captions, or remove anything that can be perceived as spam or flagged by others.

Refrain from any Instagram activity for the next 2 - 3 days. This includes posting, commenting, and liking. Just take a break and go outside!

Convert to a business account if you're using Instagram for business-related or promotional purposes. Otherwise, convert to a personal account.

Report your shadowban to Instagram if you believe your account has been inadvertently impacted.


Thursday, 27 December 2018

Instagram Caption

It's either your picture attracts attention or your caption is action-triggering. To grow a brand on Instagram is not easy but with consistent action-triggering caption, you are sure to becoming a top-brand. Caption writing include the following 5 factors:

1. What is the relationship between the caption and the picture? You can't post a picture about comedy and you caption is about how to start importation business. This will piss off anyone that sees your post because people don't like stress. You can't leave them to start figuring out the relationship between your comedy video and importation business, they will just scroll and pass your post without even liking.

Funny enough, people do these so often. The relationship between your picture/video and your caption should be obvious. If the caption started like "I was watching this comedy and forgot to go and pick up the goods I just imported," it would have made sense. You can tell a brief story of how it happened then gradually dive into more details about the importation business.

2. What kind of audience do you want to attract with the caption: Every post should be meant for a particular kind of audience. Which leaves you with a question; what is the goal of your post? If your goal is properly defined, then you write a caption to achieve that goal. Example, if your post is to attract sales, then your caption should be more of testimony proofs. Such a post might not attract much likes but could fetch some sales and get more people interested in buying later. 
Note! Sales should not only be your conversation metrics.

3. Is the caption suiting for the time?
Entertaining caption is usually suitable for evening. Educative post or news is best in the morning. Towards lunch break is a good time to say "come and buy" especially when discount is included. Vendors running into food business can maximize posting at noon and target nearby audience or companies which they can find through location and hashtags.

4. What action does the caption trigger?
Whatever your post goal is, make sure to make it action triggering, such as asking a question which comes with a reward. The more engaging your post it, the more visible you become.

5. What hashtags are you using for the caption?
Use hashtags that contains keywords or phrases related to your caption. Example, if your caption is about importation, use a hashtag like #HowtoImport.

So which of these factors do you consider the most important?

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

How to create content on Instagram

*Stage 2, topic 1 & 2*

*How to create contents and using location.*

Instagram contents can be categorised into 3 major types.

1. Informative/Educative content.
2. Entertaining content.
3. Controversial content.

1. *Informative/Educative Content:* Every business owner has a personality. What makes up one's personality includes passion, beliefs, values, interest, orientation, likes/dislikes, hobbies, psychology, and attitude. To a great extent, one's personality can affect business performance. So on Instagram, your personality will reflect your business brand. Are you a type of person who likes educating/informing people? Then inculcate it into your brand. That means you should create content that educate or inform your audience about your products or services. If your business is about buying and selling of phones and phone accessories, educate/inform your audience about the latest phone technology, specifications, types of earphones, how to identify a good earphone, side effects of using earphone and how to overcome it, etc.

This means, you have to be a good researcher and reader to stay relevant to your your audience. Be the first to announce the latest trend in your industry. But if you do not have the time for all these on Instagram then you can employ a professional content creator to bridge that gap because that's what Instagram entails if you want to grow your business via Instagram.

2. *Entertaining content:* This is how @wanneka, @maraji and the likes became top brands. @wanneka is a hair seller so she post videos of her dancing while combing wearing her Wigs and combing it. She does some naughty facial gestures and this is quite entertaining. That's her personality anyways so she inculcated it into her business and became the most sort-after Nigerian hair seller on Instagram. So if you are a good actor like @maraji or a singer, or comedian, you can create contents with this talent of yours and indirectly sell your business in the process.

People get pissed off when you ask them directly to buy your products/services but if you do it indirectly, you will not only attract more followers, but your sales will skyrocket.

3. *Controversial content:* Some business owners are controversial in nature. They love to argue and give their opinion on topics related to politics, football, celebrities, etc. So if you are in this category, again, that can be your selling point. Find a way to indirectly promote your brand and sell your products/services. Before anyone can buy anything from you on Instagram, they need to see your post and the major way you can get people to see your post is by attracting post engagement. If more and more people engage with your post; like, comment and share, then your profile visit will increase which will increase the number of your followers and sales eventually.

Apps you can use to create better pictures are photogrid, pixel, postermaker etc
Apps you can use to edit videos include videoshow, kinemaster, inshot, etc

Using Location for your content
A lot of people ignore adding location when posting but research has proven that adding location to your post can increase your visibility level. So while posting remember to add location. *Here's how to post and add location* :

1. Open your Instagram App and click the the plus icon at the bottom of your screen.

2. Select a picture/video you want to post from your gallery, click next twice.

3. Click "Add location," and type the name of your city, or any location of your choice then click 'share.'

 *Liking and commenting*

Many business owners are too busy to like other peoples post not to talk of commenting, little do they know that liking and commenting on other people's post is a good way to build rapport and relationships. It is very difficult to get a customer from Instagram if you are not a top brand. For small business owners and upcoming brand, you need to build trust first before you can talk about sales. When you keep liking and commenting on your potential customers post, your handle keeps appearing on their notification and this is subconsciously building a relationship between you and them.

So when you eventually ask them to patronize you with good discount or giveaway, they are most likely to oblige. Part of your routine on Instagram should be liking and commenting on your potential customers post. In topic 3, I taught how to follow people, read it again, to learn how to find your target audience.

Choosing who to follow on Instagram

*STAGE 1, Topic 4 & 5*

 *Choosing who to follow and how to follow hashtags.*

1. Follow your competitors doing far better than you on Instagram so that you can learn from them and also interact with those commenting on their page to build rapport. Some of them will end up following you too.

2. Follow your potential customers. People already engaging with your competitors page. Study what their engagements are like. Reply those asking questions with the correct answer and for those who show interest in buying from your competitors, follow them and like and comment on their post too. Then follow them up with DMs to offer them discount or something better than what your competitors are offering. Provide them with extra value.

 *How to find who to follow:*

1. *From explore page.* The explore page contains suggestions from Instagram as a result of your activities on Instagram. The explore page is the search icon at the bottom of your screen when you open your Instagram app.

2. *From hashtags* : This is usually by guess when you are first starting. You have to use your discretion to guess what hashtags your potential customers are liking to use. Then search for them on those Hashtags.

 *To search* :
- click the search icon.
-click tags.
-on the search bar, type the hashtag you want to search for.
-click 'Recent' and start scrolling. Any post you find interesting, click the handle on that post to observe the page properly and see if the person looks like your target audience, then like, comment and follow the person.

 *How to choose the hashtags to follow*

 Before you can follow any hashtag, it's a good practice to check out the kind of people on that hashtag. Example, a hair seller in Nigeria can search for the hashtag #NigeriaWedding. Look at 5-10 post on that hashtag, if the people you see on that hashtag looks like your target audience, then click the follow button. It is more important to follow hashtags than to follow people because hashtags enables you to see more people and spot potential customers.

Video tutorial on how to follow hashtags is on my Instagram page @queenideas

Creating your first Instagram Post

*STAGE 1, 3rd topic*

 *Creating your first post*

There's a misconception about posting regularly on Instagram. Many people believe is the best way to attract followers but is not true. In fact, if you check handles of people who became public figures from Instagram, they seldom post on Instagram. Example @maraji, her post comes like once in 3 days but when it comes, it's usually worth the wait.

Planning a post is key for growing your brand on Instagram. Planning your first post is even more important as that will give your potential followers what to expect from your page. Consider these 3 points when planning your post:

1. Who are my target audience and what would they want?
Your page is not just about your business, it's about providing value for your target audience. Define who your target audience are and brainstorm what should interest them then satisfy their interest. Example a business page about selling of phones and computers can provide the following value:

-Information on different brands of phones.
-Phone specifications and their meanings.
-How to extend the durability of a phone, etc
-How to transfer information from a phone to laptop and vice versa.
-Drivers necessary for installation and how to go about it, etc.

These kind of content can easily attract the right audience. Never be in a haste to gain followers if your primary aim of creating a business account is to make sales. If you have 20 followers who followed you because they find your page useful, it's much better than having 1000 followers who are not your target audience. You probably bought them or used the popular follow for follow scheme because those 20 you have are easily convertible to buying customers and if your services are excellent, you will become their number one "go to buy online," and they will recommend another 20 customers, and that's how you will gradually grow.

2. What is your Picture quality?
Instagram is mainly about can't post a caption without picture, right? So the next question to ask is; What is your picture quality? How attractive is your picture? Poor quality pictures are a turn-off. Do you know that no matter how informative your caption is, without a quality picture, people won't even get to read it, they will just scroll and pass because before anyone will be tempted to read anything on your page, the picture is the first attraction.

Brands who invest resources in providing quality pictures usually attract traffic and sales. As a business page craving to have a good percentage of sales from Instagram, you need to use professional photographers and videographers to provide you with rich and quality pictures/videos. You should have a budget for it.

3. What is your call to action? A post without a call to action is like boarding a Bus without a destination. With a quality picture and useful caption, a call to action can easily trigger post engagement (likes and comment). A call to action can be in the form of a question, or asking your potential customers to tag names under comment and get a discount, freebies, etc.

If a post attract a certain level of engagement in the first 30mins-1hr of posting, Instagram will consider the post as relevant and take it to the explore page where it can be easily seen by more people which can attract more followers for you.

 *How to create a post:*

1. Open your Instagram App.
2. Click the plus sign at the bottom of your screen. It will open your phone gallery.
3. Select a picture from your gallery. You can can select more than one picture by clicking the doube-square icon right under the first picture at the middle right end of your screen.
4. Click next, twice. Type your caption and then click 'share' at the top right corner of your screen.

How to create an Instagram Account

Creating an Instagram Account

To download Instagram;

1. Open your Playstore.

2. On the search space, type 'Instagram.'

3. click the install button.

4. Click open and allow all dialogue box that pops up till you get to the page where you will type your name.

Creating your page name and username

Page name for a business account should contain at least a word to what that business is about. A makeup artist whose business name is Glow makeovers is good for a page name. But if the Business name doesn't depict what the business is about, then include a word that gives true meaning to what your page is about.

Example, if a makeup artist business name is 'Tickles' then your page should be Tickles Makeup. This will make it easy for your potential audience to identify your page because your page name will show once someone searches for your handle or a similar handle.

After you have typed your page name;
1. Click next. Instagram will automatically create create a username out of your page name. If you don't like the name created by Instagram, you can backspace and type your ideal username, if it is available, your account will finish creating but if it is not, a text will pop up notifying you that the username isn't available.

Then you will need to edit it until it's approved and your page will be created. A list of handles will be shown for you to follow, do not follow them because they are already from your Facebook and WhatsApp contacts.

You need to allow your target audience follow you naturally if your primary aim is to make sales from Instagram.

Add a profile picture by:

1. clicking on edit profile.
2. Tap the profile picture icon, click new profile photo.
3. Select a picture from your phone, Click the good sign at the top right corner of your screen.

*Creating your Bio*

1. On your Instagram page, click "Edit Bio"

2. Write a succinct message about your page. A Bio can only contain 150 characters so make sure you express clearly what your page is about and make it appealing to your target audience.

See my Bio as an example:

 but if you need help with creating yours, send me a private message.

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Facebook page, Twitter, You tube, Instagram and WhatsApp comparison.

Can you use a Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and WhatsApp for the same purpose?

One of my clients once told me that he got a very good contract just advertising his business on his Facebook profile so that is why he needs to increase his visibility online and I smiled because I knew that is one very good decision he just made. He is into printing and customisation of items like awards, souvenirs, mugs, shirts, etc.

The truth is, in this age and time, almost every one has a smartphone and uses social media. One of Google's survey on how people shop with their smartphones shows that, about 68% of Smart phones users shop online and in the next coming year, this percentage will surely increase.

If you are a business owner whether you sell products or offer any kind of service, your business needs strong online visibility. Let me quickly summarise what the major social media platforms offers to businesses and to people who will like to monetize their online presence.

Facebook page: there's a misconception of the difference between a Facebook profile page (Facebook account) and a Facebook page.

A Facebook account is simple a profile page where you can connect with friends, share your passion, join groups, and interact with people on your friend list. Without a Facebook account, you cannot create a Facebook page. Then what is a Facebook page? 

A Facebook page is mainly for the purpose of reaching out to a wider audience; people who are not on your friend list, people outside your country, and it can be tailored to reach a specific kind of audience through sponsored Ads. Example: You might be organising an event for people within your location, say, Garki in Abuja, you can run a sponsored Ad (advert) to target people within Garki only, or the entire Abuja.

So you can comfortably say that Facebook page is mainly for business or campaigns. And every business owner needs to create one. If you want to learn how to create a Facebook page, what template to choose, run sponsored Ads and increase your sales, click here.

Twitter: Twitter is basically a news platform, news about politics, sports, finance, business, entertainment and gaming. First-hand gist first go viral on Twitter before spreading to other social media platforms. 

To increase visibility on Twitter are through hashtags and followers. Unlike Instagram, even without many followers, you can make an information go Viral on Twitter through hashtags, all you need to do is to get many people to tweet with that hashtag, whether they are tweeting, retweeting, commenting or replying someone's comment. If you initiate a hashtag and it goes viral, it will greatly increase your visibility and followers.

Twitter are not really for increasing sales except for outstanding products or services. Example, a female who is an expert in repairing computers and phones can get many customers from Twitter. Writers, poets, news bloggers, and the likes can take good advantage of Twitter.

Thursday, 29 November 2018

How I fell in and out of love

I am a bloody-vincentian; no apologies! One of our usual Vincentians Youth meetings, I saw this guy Nelson, dark complexion, tall, well-dressed (that's usually my first attraction to the opposite sex), sitted adjacent-right behind me. I can't remember how many times I turned my neck sideways to steal some gazes, my heart was pounding, I wanted to see if he noticed me, my hopes were and I wished he would find me attractive enough to return the gaze.

Few times when I turned, our both eyes would jam and I will turn away shyly. Soon I was called upon to make a presentation, about an event I was planning then. Do you guys remember my adverts on Facebook last year about a Social Media talkshow? Aha! That was the period.

So I got up and went to make my presentation, when I was trying to get up, I was praying he wouldn't notice my difficulty getting up as a result of Muscular Dystrophy because so many guys who were interested in me lose interest the moment they discover my physical disabilities. You know the way this health condition is? I look normal standing or sitting but the moment I walk, you will notice my gait is faulty.

Some think I intentionally walk like that so they laugh at me in mockery. I have gotten used to ignoring their ignorance. What's great is that I am very curvy; ass, hip, slim waist, smooth skin (that one dey kampe!) Sometimes, I stare at my nakedness and wonder how such an endowment got flawed, God is just amazing!

After my presentation, I went back to seat and didn't turn back again because I was afraid he noticed my condition and had lost any interest if he had any in the first place. That's how one guy from my town sent me messages on Facebook that he's interested in me, immediately I posted about my physical disabilities, I didn't hear from him again, the next thing I saw on his wall were pre-wedding photos.

The meeting ended and see queue; people coming to meet me to ask for more information about my event. Guess what! I saw him on the queue too, my heart was so joyful, I couldn't wait to discharge others in his front so that I will get to his turn. Finally, it was his turn and there were few persons right behind me. I begged him to please wait let me quickly attend to those people (in my heart, I wanted us to talk very very well) luckily, he accepted.

Soon we were left alone, he asked me if I can do Social Media marketing for his business, and I asked the type of business, he said he's into building. Then he asked for my number, I gave him and asked his name, he said "Nelson," and my brain captured it immediately.

The mistake I made was that I didn't collect his own number, so I was anxiously expecting his call. One day passed, two days passed, ah! I was worried. I searched in the Vincentian Youth Whatsapp group, I couldn't identify him. It seemed he was using a different name.

To be continued...


After few days of waiting, I was almost giving up then I posted some fresh content in our Vincentian Youth WhatsApp group, it didn't take long, I received a WhatsApp message from him.  He sent 'hi' and asked how I was doing, I replied that I was fine. So we started discussing about promoting his business online through the project I was planning then, I told him the amount it would cost and he said he was broke.

So I just accepted to promote his business almost for free. After my Social Media Talkshow, I sent him a WhatsApp message to find out why he didn't come, he said he was too busy that day. We started communicating more often via Whatsapp. His messages were usually casual, I wanted more...I wanted him to call me over the phone, I really lunged to hear his voice but I didn't want to be the first person to call because I felt it would look like I was desperate, I tried to hide my feelings.

One day, he sent me a message asking where I live, I was shocked, like really? Could this guy be having feelings for me too? So many questions crossed my mind. I told him where I lived. He said he would come and visit me the next day. I was nervous, I knew I really wanted this guy for a relationship but I was scared that it might not be his intention for wanting to visit me.

Meanwhile, He once asked me if the guy he saw me with on our meeting day was my Boyfriend. It was Ebuka, who is my close friend that he was talking about. Ebuka is a Vincentian too. He tries helping me in doing any physical activity that I find difficulty once we are out together. I told him who Ebuka was to me.

I was beginning to think he liked me but didn't want to be straight forward so I just continued hoping he would say something about it when he finally comes to see me. Finally he arrived at my house on the expected day. I went out to bring him in. I offered him water and a drink then we started talking...

To be continued in Part 3...


He told me about one of his friend; a Lady who was jobless and needed something to do for a living and he gave her some money to start a business and the Lady didn't start the business and later came back to him to ask for another money but he shunned her.

He also shared some of the challenges he had been facing as a Vincentian. How he joined the Vincentian Society, that he was introduced into the Society by one of his female friends. He told me about how stressful it is to belong to different societies in the Catholic Church and be active in all of them.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Nokia 2.1 Review

There's currently a promo on Nokia 2.1, you will get 2000 Naira worth of Airtime of any network except Glo which has some issues. To load the airtime, dial *322*8890*pin#

It has an 8mpx back camera and 5mpx front camera. They are both very sharp for pictures but the front camera isn't very sharp for video.

If you are a hyper-user, the battery can last only for a day.

It is not compatible with the current Instagram 4.5 version. So you can receive the Instagram app from someone via Sender and then install but you can't update it on playstore.

Monday, 26 November 2018

Where to buy goods cheap in Lagos

Congratulations! to @let_us_runyour_errands on her 2nd winning in the "Entrepreneur of the Week" challenge which is an Instagram open Competition done @queenideas Instagram handle every Tuesday to promote Entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

Is a young vibrant Nigerian entrepreneur that helps you shop/buy anything you want to buy in Lagos #personalshopper from foodstuffs, to home needs to okrika bells, to accessories to everything and anything. She doesn't only know where everything are sold, she also knows where to get them cheaper.

She's is a human,  so fast and efficient. You can even send her to help you get prices of stuffs from Lagos. You can call her a workaholic ooo. Seize these opportunity as she will be running errands tomorrow tomorrow, contact her now to get awoof prices and send her.
For those who didn't win week this Tuesday, try again next week Tuesday.

the Interview with @let_us_runyour_errands will be updated soon.
Stay vibrant!

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Kindly congratulate the winner for it was a tactical challenge. I will pick one person at random and help write the person's caption among those who will congratulate her.
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